Petroglyph Paperweights

Kokopelli (Backpack)

Kokopelli (Backpack)



The Petroglyph Paperweight is an elegant presentation of petroglyph images, like those of the ancient tribal artists, on top of brown golden hues encased in clear glass. This one has a striking image of one of our two images Kokopelli (Backpack) amongst some of our other images. Kokopelli image varies, but he is usually humpbacked and always playing some sort of flute. He is considered the God of Fertility. As a bonus the paperweight looks stunning when on top of a lighted base, giving it a nice glow.

Dimensions usually run 3 1/2" wide by 3 1/2" tall

This photo is a stock image and your item may vary slightly since each one is uniquely handcrafted.